Speech from God: Stop Terror

by Messenger Sison R.D.R.

“Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.”

Amos 3:7

I am Messenger Sison R.D.R. a humble servant of almighty God. Recipient of divine revelation 45 years old. Born in the Philippines. My parent raised and baptised me as a Roman Catholic.

Let me define, divine revelation as a speech from God. Divine revelation is not new to mankind we heard and read it many times in story in the Bible. In the story, Abraham, Moses, Noah and others are chosen servants and communicated with God.

In Noah time, God commanded Noah to build an Ark because of the impending flood judgment for the corrupt and wickedness of the people of Noah. God used divine revelation to warn the people of the impending flood judgment and Noah to build an Ark.

God spoke to Moses and commanded him to take Israelites out of slavery from the hands of Egyptian Pharaoh because God had seen the sufferings and hardships of the people. In this divine revelation, God wanted to comforts the people of Israelites by bringing them to the land of Canaan.

In our present history, we have divine revelations and these could be proven and attested by those people chosen by God to receive this divine miracle. And those chosen recipient of divine revelations must attest to these divine truths. That God exists thereby there is divine revelations. Divine revelation is a substantial proof of the existence of almighty God. This is divine in nature and it is only God in His will you could receive this divine experience.

One morning when God woke me up and asked me to prevent a terror plot in Manila, Philippines. I witnessed in my own eyes how God intervened in our present world. He asked me to look for terror men in Vito Cruz Street. And after knowing their hiding place, I called the Manila police authorities and they were arrested. Amount of explosives were found in their hidden place. Because of this God’s intervention hundreds of people innocent children and adults were saves from this scenario. The two terrorists were arrested and was sentenced to imprisonment.

I decided to disclose this story to inform mankind that terrorism is against God’s will. Proper understanding of divine truths and God’s will is important to prevent another acts like this September 11, 2001 destruction of Twin Towers in World Trade Center, New York, America.

I remind mankind to be vigilant of his thoughts and actions because he is in the state of sin or embodiment good and evil. Let us pray not be used in the wrong directions and led by wrong ideologies.

God’s will is to stop these killings and terrorism in our present world. This is a warnings and we may come to judgment in our time if we continue these evil acts against the will of almighty God.

Attested by: Messenger Sison R.D.R.

Recipient of Divine Revelation


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